Ula receives prize for best poster

Ula Yasin received a prize for her poster on "Bias Dependence of Transient EDMR Signals from Organic Solar Cells" at the Spin Chemistry Meeting 2017 in Schluchsee. Congratulations!

News from Sep 21, 2017

Paper on Charge Delocalisation in Polymers

An article on measuring the delocalisation of charge carriers in organic semiconductors was recently published in Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. In this paper we describe measurements for determining the spatial extent of charge carrier wave functions in small organic molecules and conjugated ...

News from Jan 18, 2017

Nature Physics Paper on Singlet Fission

In collaboration with collegues from the Cavendish Laboratory at the University of Cambridge as well as from the University of Kentucky we have published an article on singlet fission in organic semiconductors in Nature Physics. In this paper we report the observation of weakly and strongly coupled ...

News from Oct 17, 2016

Paper on n-Type Doping of Organic Semiconductors

In collaboration with colleagues from the Light Technology Institute of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology we have published an article on n-type doping of organic semiconductors in the Journal of Materials Chemistry A. In this paper we describe the use of sodium-doped contact layers for the ...

News from Sep 13, 2016

Felix and Jan present at Rocky Mountain Conference

Felix and Jan will present our recent results on charge separation in organic solar cells at the Rocky Mountain Conference on Magnetic Resonance in Breckenridge in July.

News from Jul 14, 2016

Paper on Triplet Excitons in Thin-Film Silicon Solar Cells

An article on spin-dependent transport in thin-film silicon solar cells was published in Physical Review B. In this paper we describe how triplet excitons influence the photocurrent and can provide information about structural defects in solar cell materials.

News from Jul 07, 2016

Felix receives prize for best presentation

Felix Kraffert received a prize for the best talk at the Young Researcher's Workshop in the framework of the DFG Priority Programme 1601 in Konstanz for his presentation on "Transient EDMR – A Novel Tool to Study Charge Transport in Organic Solar Cells". Congratulations!

News from Apr 15, 2016

Sebastian starts Master's Project

Sebastian Linke starts his Master's Project on the Analysis of the Charge Carrier Dynamics in Organic Semiconductors.

News from Oct 10, 2015

Adrià starts Master's Project

Adrià Gràcia starts his Master's Project on Organic Solar Cells.

News from Oct 01, 2015

Paper on trEDMR Spectroscopy

An article on transient electrically detected magnetic resonance (trEDMR) spectroscopy was published in Applied Physics Letters. In this letter we describe this new technique and its application to organic solar cells. In particular, we use trEDMR spectroscopy to study the influence of paramagnetic ...

News from Jul 27, 2015

BeJEL strengthens research activities

The Berlin Joint EPR Laboratory (BeJEL) operated by HZB and Freie Universität Berlin has pulled in six of 27 subprojects within a DFG priority program to address “New Frontiers in Sensitivity for EPR Spectroscopy – from Biological Cells to Nano Materials” (press release).

News from May 27, 2015

Audrey starts internship

Audrey Morisset (Phelma, Grenoble) starts her internship with us and will support our activities in the field of organic solar cells.

News from May 18, 2015

Triplet excitons at the Fπ-12

Felix will present our work on triplet excitons in organic solar cells at the Fπ-12 in Seattle in July.

News from Mar 31, 2015