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  • Daniel Basilewitsch, Simon-Dominik Börner, Christoph Berke, Alexander Altland, Simon Trebst, and Christiane P. Koch.
    Chaotic fluctuations in a universal set of transmon qubit gates.
    arXiv:2311.14592 (2023).
    [ arXiv | Abstract ]
  • Josias Langbehn, Kyrylo Snizhko, Igor Gornyi, Giovanna Morigi, Yuval Gefen, and Christiane P. Koch.
    Dilute measurement-induced cooling into many-body ground states.
    arXiv:2311.05258 (2023).
    [ arXiv | Abstract ]
  • Monika Leibscher, Eugenio Pozzoli, Alexander Blech, Mario Sigalotti, Ugo Boscain, and Christiane P. Koch.
    Quantum control of ro-vibrational dynamics and application to light-induced molecular chirality.
    arXiv:2310.11570 (2023).
    [ arXiv | Abstract ]
  • Karl P. Horn, Luis Itza Vazquez-Salazar, Christiane P. Koch, and Markus Meuwly.
    Improving Potential Energy Surfaces Using Experimental Feshbach Resonance Tomography.
    arXiv:2309.16491 (2023).
    [ arXiv | Abstract ]

  • Fernando Gago-Encinas, Tobias Hartung, Daniel M. Reich, Karl Jansen, and Christiane P. Koch.
    Determining the ability for universal quantum computing: Testing controllability via dimensional expressivity.
    arXiv:2308.00606 (2023).
    [ arXiv | Abstract ]

  • R. Esteban GoetzChristiane P. Koch, Loren Greenman.
    Continuum-electron interferometry for enhancement of photoelectron circular dichroism and measurement of bound, free, and mixed contributions to chiral response.
    arXiv:2104.07522 (2021)
    arXiv Abstract ]