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Research Group Pitches – Physicists present their scientific work and teams

Jul 15, 2021 | 04:00 PM s.t. - 07:00 PM
Prof. Dr. Jan Behrends (Juniorprofessor)

Prof. Dr. Jan Behrends (Juniorprofessor)

Dr. Marius Horch

Dr. Marius Horch

Prof. Cecilia Clementi

Prof. Cecilia Clementi
Image Credit: Rice University

AG Kuch

AG Kuch

Prof. Dr. Christiane Koch

Prof. Dr. Christiane Koch

Different research groups will present their research and teams in short 4-minute online talks. Within two hours, students can gain a quick overview of the range of topics in our department and think about possible questions for bachelor's and master's theses.

Afterwards, we invite all participants to an interactive online room for poster sessions, which students can use to network with the working group of interest.

Join the event

Whom for

For all students who intend to join the research work of our department, e.g. for a Bachelor's or Master's thesis

For students from other universities - please register.


The pitches will be in English. Students can ask questions both in English or German

These groups present themselves

Research Group Reuther

Research Group Behrends

Research Group Horch

Research Group Bolotin 

Research Group Clementi

Research Group Nürnberg

Research Group Kuch

Research Group Franke

Research Group Noé

Research Group Eisert

Research Group Koch

Research Group Netz

Research Group Heberle

Prof. Dr. M. Vrakking, Max Born Institute

Project Group Alexiev

Time & Location

Jul 15, 2021 | 04:00 PM s.t. - 07:00 PM

Online via webex and gather.town


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