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French-German double-degree program







Masters Double-Degree Program

Students in the master course have the possibility to enroll in a Master double-degree program that is offered in collaboration with the Institut Polytechnique de Paris. The program is certified as the course of the French-German University (Deutsch-Französische Hochschule, DFH).  Graduates of that program are going to receive degree certificates from Freie Universität Berlin, the Institut Polytechnique de Paris, and DFH.

Application procedure

Places in the Master double degree program are limited. Applications need to consist of the following:

  • informal application letter;
  • certified copy of the Bachelor's certificate attesting the final grade;
  • certified copy of the Master's program transcript;
  • curriculum vitae;
  • motivation letter;
  • recommendation letter of a university lecturer;
  • proof of language skills (e.g., high school degrees, certificates, etc.).

The regular application deadline is 30. June during the first year of the Master course (10. March if also funding by the Erasmus program is applied for, see below). Master students of Freie Universität Berlin are entitled to apply who have very good German language skills as well as French language skills of about level A2 GeR. If the Master double degree program is to be completed within the standard study period of four semesters, the start of the master program must be in the winter semester.

Applications have to be submitted online via the Online-Portal of the Institut Polytechnique de Paris (please ignore the application deadlines mentioned there!) and, at the same time, by e-mail to: doublemaster@physik.fu-berlin.de

Early application: Besides the standard application we also offer the possibility of an early application. Deadline for the early application is 30. June before starting the master studies. Candidates will apply in parallel for the Master course in physics of Freie Universität Berlin (deadline for the winter semester: 15. August) and the Master double degree program. The application to the latter is carried out as described above (replace certified transcript of Master course by certified transcript of Bachelor course with current average grade). At the same time, an application for the Master program in physics of Freie Universität Berlin is submitted. Successful candidates of the early application will get a provisional admission to the double-degree program, which means they are admitted if their average grade in the first semester of Master studies is 2.0 or better. If the grade is worse, they will have to apply again after the first semester of the Master studies. Please see also the FAQ's concerning the Master course.


Students in the Master double degree program who start their studies in Berlin complete the coursework phase (i.e., the first year of the Master course) of the amount of 60 ECTS credit points in Berlin. The only difference to the normal Master's degree program in physics at Freie Universität Berlin is that "Statistical Physics and Thermodynamics" (10 ECTS) has to be taken as compulsory-elective course if this or an equivalent module has not yet been completed during the Bachelor program. 
Participants of the Master double degree program spend the second year of the Master course (starting at 1. September), of another 60 ECTS credit points, at Institut Polytechnique de Paris. There, a coherent research phase of twelve months is completed in one of the scientific working groups; in parallel, compulsory modules (mostly lectures) of a Master-2 program in physics offered by the Institut Polytechnique de Paris will be taken during the first six months in the amount of 30 ECTS credit points, of which 5 points will be spent on expanding French language and cultural literacy. The Master thesis will be prepared at the Institut Polytechnique de Paris. The recommended Master-2 program is "Materials Science and Nano-Objects". The choice of courses is done in coordination with the program responsibles.
Participants in the Master double degree program will receive a monthly mobility allowance of 300 euros/month from the French-German University for ten months during their stay in France. We also expect to be able to assist participants by providing affordable accommodation on the campus of École Polytechnique.

Funding by the Erasmus program: Students in the Master double degree program can receive additional financial support from the Erasmus program on top of the mobility allowance from the French-German University. The rate of the Erasmus support is recalculated every semester; it amounted to 390 euros/month in the winter semester 2019/2020. Please note that the Erasmus support needs to be applied before 31. January of the year in which the stay in France commences. The application for participation in the double-degree program in this case has to be submitted already before 10. March instead of the regular deadline of 30. June. A provisional admission to the double-degree program has to be converted into a final admission before 10. March or to be replaced by a regular application by that date.


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