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Study of Physics

Understanding the Universe and Complex Structures

Physics is the study of the universe at its most fundamental levels. Physicists question everything. Physics involves testing models and trying to understand how our physical world is organized in order to reveal its complex secrets. By describing the laws that apply from the smallest to the largest scales, physicists lay the foundations for technological advances and contribute to the progress of our society.

Preparing for Careers in Science, Technology and More

During the Physics program, you will learn far more than just the physical laws and models. You will acquire sharp critical thinking skills that allow you to ask the right questions and develop proper solutions.

You will gain strong analytical problem-solving skills as well as an intuition for research and development methods in natural sciences. Learning alongside international researchers, you will become a flexible expert highly desirable in science, industry, and business.

Succeeding Together

Teamwork is crucial for our success. We work out calculations in groups. We set up laboratory experiments in groups and have vivid discussions on troubleshooting strategies. Our teaching staff is accessible and supportive. We encourage individual choices and inspire students to use our department’s ample opportunities for international collaboration and networking.