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Excitation of Jahn-Teller active modes during electron transport through single C60 molecules on metal surfaces


K. J. Franke, G. Schulze, J.I. Pascual :

The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 1, 500 (2010)



Abstract: Using scanning tunneling spectroscopy, we resolve all Jahn-Teller active Hg modes of a single C60 molecule when adsorbed on a Pb(111) surface. Selection rules for vibrational excitation in inelastic tunneling spectra are thus given by the electron-phonon coupling in the molecular orbital close to the Fermi level. The observation of modes depends, however, crucially on the orbital alignment. In particular, inelastic spectra in a resonant tunneling regime, as realized by adsorption of C60 on Cu(111), show no vibrational fingerprint.