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Survey of Project Sections grouped in Project Areas

Project Section


Research Area
and Field

Principal Investigator,

ASingle Systems    
A 1 Fundamental switching mechanisms of molecules on metal surfaces investigated with scanning tunnelling microscopy solid stated physics, surface science: experiment Franke; FUB Physics
A 2 Conformational changes of single mole-cules on semiconductor surfaces induced by inelastic electron tunneling processes  solid stated physics, surface science: experiment Fölsch; Paul-Drude Institute
A 3 -- omitted --    
A 4 -- project terminated --    
A 5 -- project terminated --    
A 6 Molecular switches on carbon surfaces solid state physics, nano materials: experiment Reich, Setaro; FUB Physics
B Molecular Ensembles    
B 1 -- project terminated --    
B 2 Charge-transfer dynamics and switching efficiency in photochromic molecular ensembles at surfaces solid stated physics, surface science: experiment Weinelt, Gahl; FUB Physics
B 3 Magnetism and lateral ordering phenomena of switchable molecules on surfaces solid stated physics, surface science: experiment Kuch; FUB Physics
B 4 -- omitted --    
B 5 Surface-anchored switchable ensembles of metal complexes inorganic chemistry, coordination chemistry Grohmann; TUB Chemistry
B 6 Photoswitchable Units for Fundamental Processes on Surfaces organic chemistry, Synthesemethoden und Katalyse Rück-Braun; TUB Chemistry
B 7 Functional imin- and diazo-switching units organic and macromolecular chemistry Haag; FUB Chemistry
B 8 Switch architectures for collective switching processes and control of charge transport organic and macromolecular chemistry Hecht; HUB Chemistry
B 9 Molecular switching processes in self-assembled monolayers at liquid-solid interfaces physical chemistry at interfaces: experiment Campen, Wolf; FHI
B 10 Structure, excitonic coupling and cooperative dynamics of switches at surfaces: in situ and real-time x-ray structure analysis surface science: experiment Kowarik; HUB Physics
C 1 -- omitted --    
C 2 Quantum theory for light- and electron-driven molecular switches at surfaces: Structure and dynamics theoretcial chemistry, quantum chemistry Saalfrank, Klamroth; Univ. Potsdam Chemistry
C 3 -- omitted --    
C 4 Conformational changes and magnetic switching in deposited molecular structures solid state physics: theory von Oppen, Brouwer; FUB Physics
C 5 Theory of excitation transfer in functionalized carbon nanotubes solid state physics: theory Malic, Knorr; TUB Physics
C 6 Excitations of molecular switches at surfaces: insights from first principles theoretical physics, surface science Draxl; HUB Physics / IRIS
IGK Integrated Research Training Group  

Kuch, Reich; FUB Physik

Z Central Project: Photoelectron spectroscopy for chemical analysis of molecular switches at surfaces solid stated physics: experiment Weinelt, Kuch; FUB Physics, Rück-Braun; TUB Chemistry


FUB Freie Universität Berlin
FHI Fritz-Haber Institut der Max Planck Gesellschaft, Berlin
TUB Technische Universität Berlin
HUB Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

IRIS Integrative Research Institute for the Sciences Adlershof


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