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Temperature-dependent resistivity of suspended graphene


E. Mariani, F. von Oppen

Phys. Rev. B 82, 195403 (2010)


Abstract: In this paper we investigate the electron-phonon contribution to the resistivity of suspended single-layer graphene. In-plane as well as flexural phonons are addressed in different temperature regimes. We focus on the intrinsic electron-phonon coupling due to the interaction of electrons with elastic deformations in the graphene membrane. The competition between screened deformation potential vs fictitious gauge-field coupling is discussed together with the role of tension in the suspended flake. In the absence of tension, flexural phonons dominate the phonon contribution to the resistivity at any temperature T with a T5/2 and T2 dependence at low and high temperatures, respectively. Sample-specific tension suppresses the contribution due to flexural phonons, yielding a linear temperature dependence due to in-plane modes. We compare our results with recent experiments.