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Workshop of the SFB 658-Integrated Research Training Group, August 2011, Lübbenau

On August 11 and 12, a workshop of the integrated research training group of the SFB 658 on "Molecular Switches on Surfaces" takes place at Schloß Lübbenau in the Spreewald area. The workshop is being organized by graduate students of the research training group.

Invited Speakers:


Prof. Dr. Van der Molen (University of Leiden)

Molecular Transport Processes

Dr. Yongfeng Wang (University of Kiel)

Switching of Molecular Magnetization

Dr. Jung (University of Kiel)

Unidirectional Switching of Molecules on Surfaces

Dr. Ferriani (University of Kiel)

Magnetic Atoms on Surfaces


For further information contact:

Christoph Bronner

AG Tegeder

030 838 52157

Christian Lotze

AG Pascual

030 838 53026

Tobias Umbach

AG Franke

030 838 52805