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How can I make a slideshow?

Slideshows are the primary application of the template "Aufmacherliste".

You can integrate slideshows as an independent element in flexible startpages and/or as basis for presentation boxes ("Vorgestellt-Boxen") on standard startpages as well as on startpages with flexible layout.
The following instructions refer to slideshows linked to a presentation box on a standard startpage.


  1. You need to create a folder based on the template "Aufmacherliste". This is a container that collects "Aufmacher-Dokumente". The only one important field for this template is Darstellung: you can either opt for slideshow in two variations or for teaser list. See examples below. In connection with a presentation box, the options are not relevant in the majority of cases.
  2. Within this folder you need to create an "Aufmacher-Dokument" for each workgroup/project/event etc.
    All three basic fields should have entries or links. For the pictures it is common practice to create a resources-folder within the "Aufmacherliste" just for the images. The images need no longer be scaled to fit certain dimensions, CMS will scale it appropriately for display. However, images that roughly match the dimensions mentioned on the CeDiS documentation will render best results.