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Staff list standard

This is a standard staff list, based on the template "Mitarbeiter/innen-Listen-Ordner". This template offers 5 layout options in the drop-down list "Darstellung der Mitarbeiter/innen-Liste". The list below shows an option without pictures. This folder can contain either a "Mitarbeiter/innen-Ordner" for each member or a "Mitarbeiter/innen-Dokument". The appearance of both alternatives is almost identical, however, the folder option has a wider choice of input fields and it can contain subfolders.

There is also the option of using the template "Mitarbeiter-Ordner" as parent folder instead of the "Mitarbeiter/innen-Listen-Ordner", but you will then have no layout options. The standard layout can be seen on AG Bittl's webpage.

Whichever template you choose, these lists must be manually maintained by the editor.