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Advanced Theoretical Biophysics

Lecturer: Ana-Nicoleta Bondar
Language: Englisch
Period:  starting from 15.10.2019 (16 appointments)

Tue 14:00 - 16:00 Uhr - Arnimallee 14 Seminar room E3 (1.4.31)  (Lecture)

Tue 16:00 - 18:00 Uhr - Arnimallee 14 Seminar room E3 (1.4.31)  (Internship)


Description: The lecture gives an introduction into current theoretical biophysics methods and applications. Specific topics that will be addressed include force-fields for biomolecules, protein conformational dynamics, modeling of chemical reactions, continuum electrostatics methods, and basic bioinformatics methods.

The seminar consists of practical computational work and critical discussions of recent research papers.

Literature: H. Kuhn and H.D. Försterling, Principles of Physical Chemistry. John Wiley & Sons 2000

V.A. Parsegian, Van der Waals Forces. A Handboock for biologists, chemists, engineers, and physicists. Cambridge 2006

K.E. van Holde, W.C. Curtis, and P.S. Ho, Principles of Physical Biochemistry. Prentice Hall 1998

D.J. Wales, Energy Landscapes - With applications to clusters, biomolecules, and glasses. Cambridge 2003


Additional literature will be indicated during the lecture.


  • The lecture from January 7th, 2pm, will take place on Thursday, January 9th, 8am, in Hörsaal B.
  • The lecture from Tuesday, November 5th, will take place on Thursday, November 7th, 8am-10am, in seminar room E2.
  • The seminar (Übung) class from November 5th will take place at the regular time in the regular computer room.


Questions for Protocol


Lecture 01 / 2nd part

Lecture 02 / 2nd part

Lecture 03

Lecture 04

Lipid Membranes

Ion Channels



Energy Minimization Methods

Quantum Mechanics


Summary Part I