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Quantum transport at Weyl-semimetal interfaces

Schematics Weyl-semimetal interface

Schematics Weyl-semimetal interface

We investigate magnetotransport across an interface between two Weyl semimetals whose Weyl nodes project onto different interface momenta. Such an interface generically hosts Fermi arcs that connect Weyl nodes of identical chirality in different Weyl semimetals (homochiral connectivity)—in contrast to surface Fermi arcs that connect opposite-chirality Weyl nodes within the same Weyl semimetal (heterochiral connectivity).

In a recent article

A.Y. Chaou, V. Dvivedi, and M. Breitkreiz, PRB 107, L241109 (2023) 

we show that electron transport along homochiral-connectivity Fermi arcs, in the presence of a longitudinal magnetic field, results in a universal longitudinal magnetoconductance of e2/h per magnetic flux quantum. Furthermore, a weak tunnel coupling can result in a close encounter of two homochiral-connectivity Fermi arcs, enabling magnetic breakdown. Above the breakdown field the interface Fermi arc connectivity is effectively heterochiral, leading to a saturation of the conductance.