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Postdoctoral position in optical quantum information processing

Integrated optical circuit.

Integrated optical circuit.

We are in the position to offer a full postdoctoral research position on photonic quantum information processing. The German ministry for Research and Education has invested about a billion Euros to contribute to a world leading ecosystem for building quantum devices. The position is located in this framework. The position is funded by the project QPIC-1 dedicated to building photonic integrated quantum computers. Possible research topics are notions of

  • quantum error corrections for photonic systems,
  • protocols for photonic quantum computing, 
  • fusion and other photonic quantum gates,
  • optical near-term schemes,
  • classical simulation methods,
  • computational complexity,
  • optical state preparation, and
  • of resource efficient computational models.

That said, the setting will allow for substantial academic freedom, so that other topics can also be addressed. We can offer you a highly stimulating and productive research environment, driven by interaction and discussion and lots of blackboard time, and a very strong track record of getting people into senior academic positions or ones in the quantum industry.

The position is until the project end, August 2025. It is on the E13 pay scale, designed for postdoctoral researchers, and all previous work experience including that towards the PhD can be respected when determining the salary scale. All job related questions and inquiries should be sent to both jense@physik.fu-berlin.de and applicationsqmio@gmail.com. The job adverts will be kept open until the positions are filled.

The project QPIC-1 brings key players in academia and industry together,

and is closely tied to the project PhoQuant, with partners