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Work on generic quantum phases in PRX Quantum

Random matrix product states

Random matrix product states

The study of generic properties of quantum states has led to an abundance of insightful results. A meaningful set of states that can be efficiently prepared in experiments are ground states of gapped local Hamiltonians, which are well approximated by matrix product states. In this work, we introduce a picture of generic states within the trivial phase of matter with respect to their non-equilibrium and entropic properties: We do so by rigorously exploring non-translation-invariant matrix product states drawn from a local i.i.d. Haar-measure. We arrive at these results by exploiting techniques for computing moments of random unitary matrices and by exploiting a mapping to partition functions of classical statistical models, a method that has lead to valuable insights on local random quantum circuits. Specifically, we prove that such disordered random matrix product states equilibrate exponentially well with overwhelming probability under the time evolution of Hamiltonians featuring a non-degenerate spectrum. Moreover, we prove two results about the entanglement Renyi entropy: The entropy with respect to sufficiently disconnected subsystems is generically extensive in the system-size, and for small connected systems the entropy is almost maximal for sufficiently large bond dimensions. This work is in press in PRX Quantum.

News from Aug 09, 2021

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