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Summer term 2019

Sommersemester 2019:

Lecture: Quantum communication and quantum networks (20104301)

  • Lecturer: Jens Eisert
  • Semester kickoff: 9 April, 18:00 Mathematische Fachbibliothek, TU Berlin
  • Time and date: Tuesday 10:15-12:00 (April 9 - July 2, 2019).
  • Problems: A core part of the course will consist of research projects, implemented in the phase after the international conference. Here are suggestions for good problems, but also other problems can be arranged for.
  • Room: 0.1.01 Hörsaal B, Physics Department, FU Berlin, Arnimallee 14, 14195 Berlin

  • Topic: Quantum communication offers new modes of communication that is provably secure against unwanted eavesdropping, based on the laws of quantum physics. While this field of research is receiving significant attention due to recent technological developments, important mathematical questions are still open. This course offers an overview over notions of quantum communication, including notions of channel capacities and security. A particular emphasis will be put onto discussing questions of multi-partite quantum networks, addressing issues of computational complexity.

    • What this lecture is about
    • Elements of qantum mechanics
    • Quantum channels
    • Quantum Shannon theory and channel capacities
    • Quantum key distribution
    • Stabilizer and graph states
    • Quantum networks, graphs, and routing
    • Elements of security proofs

    • A growing script can be found here.
  • Tutorials: Accompanied with this course will be sessions of independent study. This course is part of the thematical semester on Network games, tropical geometry, and quantum communication of the excellence cluster MATH+. There is an international conference and a final workshop associated with the event.

Research seminar: Recent advances in quantum many-body theory (20010416)

  • Lecturer: Jens Eisert 
  • Date and time: Contact the lecturer