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Construction & Optimisation of a Prototype Miniaturized LED-based Fluorescence Spectrometer

Background: The upcoming Exocube project (set for launch to the ISS in mid-2022) will utilize both UV-Vis and fluorescence spectroscopy for the in-situ monitoring of microorganisms and biomarker molecules. As experiments onboard the ISS are limited by their physically size (amongst other aspects), the miniaturization of these spectroscopic facilities is of critical importance.

Project description: This Bachelor’s project will endeavor to create a miniaturized fluorescence spectroscopy set-up, utilizing an LED-based excitation source and photodiode detectors. In order to minimize scattered light, this prototype will then be optimized through LED wavelength tuning, band-pass filters, etc. Finally, preliminary experiments are to be performed with this prototype, examining microorganisms through use of various fluorescent stains.


  • Interest in cross-field research at the interface between physics and biology
  • Knowledge of spectroscopic techniques (in particular the principles of fluorescence spectroscopy); previous laboratory experience is desirable
  • A good mix of curiosity, enthusiasm and hard-working attitude
  • Good proficiency in spoken and written English