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Join Us

We are always looking for interested and motivated students to join our team. Please don’t hesitate to contact us. Various possibilities for Bachelor/Master theses exist. Possible projects currently are (but not limited to):

New projects in collaboration with the DLR Institute of Planetary Research and the Extrasolar Planets and Atmospheres group:

Validating a climate-photochemical model with observations from a planetary simulation atmospheric chamber for modern Earth and Mars (DLR-EPA)

Studying planetary atmospheres in the laboratory: Investigating modern Earth and Mars atmospheres in a planetary simulation chamber (FU Berlin)

Other available projects:

Studying frozen surfaces in the outer Solar System

Ancient water and life on Mars

Investigating the feasibility of finding life on Titan

The long-term preservation of DNA in ancient frozen environments

Vacuum UV spectroscopy setup at BESSY II

Radiation-responses of cyanobacteria and phototrophic molecules

Impact of UV radiation on solid supported lipid bilayers/bulky lipids

Construction & Optimisation of a Prototype Miniaturized LED-based Fluorescence Spectrometer

If you are interested in doctoral research or postdoctoral possibilities and would like to discuss funding possibilities, please contact Dr. Andreas Elsaesser.