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Extended Networking of the Strategic Partnership 'Diversity in the Cultures of Physics'

In order to advance gender knowledge and diversity awareness in physics, the partnership will encourage active discussion through its events that involve a range of stakeholders. We will seek the exchange with our scientific environment in the respective subfields of physics. Furthermore we will present our findings at two specialized conferences. Summarized results from the project will be published in professional journals.

The project’s target groups and stakeholders comprise university students, researchers and teachers, representatives from science administration, educational policy and gender equality bodies as well as high-school teachers and their students. The activities of the strategic partnership will bring together actors at various levels (local, regional, national, EU-wide) and strengthen their collaboration. Over the course of the funding period, the partnership envisions gradually expanding its network involving more partners within the EU, esp. in Eastern Europe. Moreover, a successful strategic partnership advancing gender equality in physics may function as a model for other disciplines, because physics is globally connected to a wide range of commercial and industrial activities.




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