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Group Fumagalli

Magnetic thin films - Near-field optical microscopy

Prof. Dr. Paul Fumagalli

Paul Fumagalli

Paul Fumagalli
Image Credit: FU Berlin @ David Ausserhofer

Arnimallee 14
Building Department of Physics
Room 1.2.32
14195 Berlin
Christiane Cech, Room 1.2.31
+49-30-8384 75086

Research topics

Our activities lie in the field of experimental solid-state physics, with the following core areas:

Magnetic thin films

We examine growth and magnetic properties of films that are just a few atomic layers thick. A range of different methods is used for analysis, including electron diffraction and rotation of light polarization by polar Kerr effect.

Near-field optical microscopy

In this method, the electromagnetic field emitted by the tapered end of a glass fiber is used as a probe. We have been developing such microscopes for years,using them to examine magnetic and optical properties on a nanometer scale. The method is also ideally suited to examining biological systems.