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Group Fumagalli

Thin films - Near-field optical microscopy

Prof. Dr. Paul Fumagalli

Paul Fumagalli

Paul Fumagalli
Image Credit: FU Berlin @ David Ausserhofer

Arnimallee 14
Building Department of Physics
Room 1.2.32
14195 Berlin
Marion Badow, Room 1.2.31
+49-30-8384 75086

Research topics

Our activities lie in the field of experimental solid-state physics, with the following areas of focus:

Thin films

We examine growth and magnetic properties using films that are just a few atomic layers thick. The group uses a range of different methods to do so, including electron diffraction and rotation of light polarization in the Kerr effect. Another project deals with the properties of nanoparticles and films made up of them.

Near-field microscopy

In this method, the electromagnetic field emitted by the end of a glass fiber is used as a probe. We have been developing microscopes of this type for years, using them to examine magnetic and optical properties on a scale of nanometers. This method is also ideally suited to examining biological systems. Its potential is being explored through various collaborative projects.