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INNOMAG Dissertation Prize 2020 for Dr. A. Johansson (MLU Halle) and Dr. T. S. Seifert (FU Berlin)

News from Oct 02, 2021

Two PhD students/researchers of the TRR227 share the prestigious INNOMAG e.V. Dissertation Prize 2020 of the Magnetism Division of the Germany Physical Society: Dr. Annika Johansson (MLU Halle, group Quantum Theory of the Solid State) and Dr. Tom Sebastian Seifert (FU Berlin, THz Physics group).

Both awardees underwent a competitive preselection procedure and could successfully compete during the finalists' session. Dr. Annika Johansson presented her results related to the calculation of spin to charge conversion mechanisms like the Rashba-Edelstein effect in different material systems such as the novel class of Weyl semimetals. Dr. Tom Sebastian Seifert reported on his studies of spintronic effects at terahertz rates that resulted in new fundamental insights as well as applications such as the spintronic terahertz emitter. The prize was very recently awarded on 29 Sept 2021 with a Covid-related delay of one year during the 2021 online conference of the Condensed Matter Section of the German Physical Society.


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