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Blackboard Lecture on "Optimal control of open quantum systems"

Review lecture on "Controlling open quantum systems: Tools, achievements, limitations"

What have Weeping Angels to do with quantum physics? Find out in in this 'QuSCo on air' webinar on quantum Zeno dynamics by Sabrina Patsch

Science Slam

In her Science Slam, Sabrina Patsch explains how to freeze the movement of objects by simply looking at them and how you can use this idea to fight supervillains. (German only)

In his Science Slam, Alexander Blech explains what a look in the mirror can mean and how you can deal with your aversion against cumin by using quantum control (German only)

Science Slam


In his blog for the QuSCo European Training Network, Fernando talks about his work and projects.

Blog QuSCo


Quantenkontrolle von Zdeněk Tosner und Michael Goerz, 13.11.2015

In vielen Alltagsgegenständen machen wir uns Quanteneffekte bereits zunutze. Nun versuchen Physiker, diese gezielt zu steuern und so ganz neue Anwendungen zu ermöglichen. [...]