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Physics Education

Learning Progression Analytics, Uncertainty, Research Methods

Prof. Dr. Marcus Kubsch

Prof. Dr. Marcus Kubsch

Prof. Dr. Marcus Kubsch

Arnimallee 14
14195 Berlin

Physics Education Research

My work focuses on three main areas: Learning Progression Analytics, uncertainty & research methods.

Learning Progression Analytics

Learning Progression Analytics is a developing area of work where we use artificial intelligence techniques such as machine learning and natural language processing to build the basis for scaling personalized learning for all learners.


Uncertainty is everywhere is science and developing an adequate understanding of it is challenging. In this area we work on better understanding how people can learn about uncertainty effectively.

Research Methods

Learning about physics and science more generally is complex. Doing research about this is also complex and demands the deliberate, careful use of research methods. I’m particularly interested in overcoming the devide between qualitative and quantitative methods using using methodologies inspired by distributed cognition and network epistemologies such as computational grounded theory (CTG).

More information will follow soon.


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