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How to get to us

You take the subway (U-Bahn) called "U3" and leave the subway at the station "Dahlem-Dorf". [Coming from the city center, you have to take the U3 in the direction "Krumme Lanke".] After leaving the building of the subway station "Dahlem-Dorf" you turn right. After 10 meters you cross a street. After about 50 meters you turn right to enter the Takustraße. You are now walking along the Takustraße (see green line on map). You are crossing the Lansstraße without changing direction. At the cross-section Takustraße-Arnimallee you turn left and enter the Arnimallee. The Physics Institute is on both sides of the Arnimallee with bridges connecting the two buildings. In the Arnimallee you use the entrance at the left side of the street.

The Netz office is on the ground floor of the Physics building. For numbering of the rooms, the building is divided into four quarters denoted as Trakt 1, Trakt 2, Trakt 3 and Trakt 4. The Netz office is room 0.3.36 meaning “groundfloor, Trakt 3, room no. 0.3.36” map