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Proton transfer in concentrated HCl

The movies visualize the results of ab-initio molecular dynamics simulations of concentrated HCl solutions.

Water Dynamics in Bulk and at Interfaces

The movies visualize the results of molecular dynamics simulations employed to study the relative motion of pairs of water molecules in bulk as well as the diffusional characteristics of individual water molecules in the vicinity of solid and fluid interfaces.

For further details, see our article "Water dynamics at interfaces and solutes: Disentangling free energy and diffusivity contributions" in the Journal of Statistical Physics, the article "Friction contribution to water-bond breakage kinetics" in Physical Review E, and our upcoming article "Anomalous anisotropic diffusion dynamics of hydration water at lipid membranes".


Hydrodynamic Flow Field Around an Oscillating Sphere

Series of animations showing the time evolution of the flow field around an oscillating no-slip sphere in an incompressible fluid for various driving frequencies.

For further details, see our article "Auto- and cross-power spectral analysis of dual trap optical tweezer experiments using Bayesian inference" in Review of Scientific Instruments.