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Physics Education

Prof. Dr. Volkhard Nordmeier

Raum: 1.3.33
Sekretariat: Birgit Isakowitz
Raum: 1.3.36, Tel.: 53031


Research Focus

One area of focus in the work performed by the Physics Education Research Group concerns research and development work in the field of essential reduction and conceptualization of fundamental aspects of modern (nonlinear) physics and the development of new school experiments and instructional materials, along with classroom testing and evaluation of teaching and study concepts in line with this approach.

One particular feature of the research group’s research and development activities (and of the entire course of training for physics teachers) is the use of new media in teaching physics. The Physics Education Research Group has contributed its own innovative multimedia elements to this field – the interactive screen experiments (ISEs).

Research Topics

  1. Conceptualization and essential reduction of subject areas in nonlinear physics (chaos theory, nonlinear time sequence analysis, self-organization, and dissipative structure formation / synergies).
  2. Experimental and theoretical study of the physics of self-organization and dissipative structure formation with respect to development of teaching and study materials for schools and higher education institutions.
  3. Development and testing of multimedia offerings to supplement experimental learning environments in physics instruction.
  4. Opening up non-classroom-based, real world-oriented learning situations through the use of digital media technology.
  5. Development of instructional media-use concepts to include current physics and its applications for instructional and presentation purposes.
  6. Research, development, and evaluation concerning new teaching and learning concepts on nonlinear physics in the context of (non-equilibrium) thermodynamics.