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Research Group Seiler

Ultrafast Dynamics in Nanomaterials

Prof. Dr. Hélène Seiler

Prof. Dr. Hélène Seiler

Prof. Dr. Hélène Seiler
Image Credit: Portraitmacher

Welcome to our research group

We are experimentalists studying how electronic excitations in nanomaterials respond to light stimulation, as for example in a solar cell. For this, we use the method of coherent multi-dimensional electronic spectroscopy. This method can probe the quantum nature of electrons with sequences of phase-locked short pulses of visible laser light as brief as 10 femtoseconds (10-14 seconds).

We characterize various nanoscale systems – 2D materials, nanotubes, quantum dots – made in collaboration by chemists, material scientists or purchased by commercial suppliers. By providing new insights into the electronic structure and dynamics of these nanomaterials, our main goal is to understand the basic physics at the origin of functionality in devices.

Arnimallee 14
Building Physics Department (Trakt 4)
Room 1.4.36
14195 Berlin

Office hours

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