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Retired Prof. Dr. Eberhard K.U. Groß

Prof Dr. Eberhard Groß

Prof Dr. Eberhard Groß

AG Gross

Research topics

This research group deals with the theoretical description of correlation effects in many-body systems. The group is currently working on the following areas of focus:

  • Interactions between strong lasers and materials: We use computer simulations to examine atomic ionization processes in strong laser fields, as well as the ionization and dissociation dynamics of small molecules. Our objective is the optimum control of ultra-short-time dynamics through appropriately shaped laser pulses. In another project, we calculate the linear and nonlinear optical properties of solid-state systems, especially the excitonic dynamics in semiconductors.
  • Superconductivity: We calculate the material-specific properties of conventional superconductors, such as the critical temperature, ab initio using a newly developed variant of density functional theory. Using this formalism, we also try to understand the pairing mechanism in the high-TC materials. We examine the relativistic effects occurring in superconductors, particularly the phenomenon of dichroism, using multilayer structures that alternate superconductive and normal conductive properties.
  • Molecular electronics: The basic idea behind molecular electronics is to use individual molecules as components to build electronic circuits. Using a basis derived from quantum mechanics, we calculate the voltage characteristics of individual molecules and how they can be influenced, for instance through exposure to light.