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AG Heyn


Prof. Dr. Maarten Peter Heyn

Raum: 1.2.37
Sekretariat: Marion Badow
Raum: 1.2.31, Tel.: 56 141

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Research topics:

We use physical methods to examine biological systems. The objective of our current research is to achieve an understanding of signal and energy transmission mechanisms at the molecular level. We are interested in the following proteins:

  • Rhodopsin, the optical pigment used by higher animals
  • Bacteriorhodopsin, the light-driven proton pump for energy conversion
  • Photoactive yellow protein, a blue light receptor for light-controlled movement of bacteria
  • Phytochrome, the “eye” of plants

We use a broad spectrum of physical methods, with particular emphasis on pulsed laser spectroscopy for polarized time-resolved absorption and emission measurements. We also use circular dichroism and infrared spectroscopy. These topics are treated in cooperation with research groups in the biological sciences and medical fields.