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Adjunct Professor Martin Wolf

Ultrafast electrondynamics and femtosecond chemistry on solid state surfaces

Prof. Dr. Martin Wolf

Prof. Dr. Martin Wolf

Department of Physical Chemistry
Fritz Haber Institute at Max Planck Society

Faradayweg 4-6
Room G 1.07
14195 Berlin

Research topics

Our research is aimed at a direct microscopic understanding of how elemental processes in volume and at the surfaces of solid-state bodies take place over time. To examine these processes, we use time-resolved methods of femtosecond laser spectroscopy and methods of nonlinear optics, in some cases in combination with sample preparation in an ultra-high vacuum.

The focus of our research

  • Femtosecond dynamics of optically excited electrons in molecular adsorbate layers at surfaces, lower-dimensional metallic and correlated electron systems examined with time-resolved photoemission.
  • Time-resolved linear and nonlinear optics with the aim of (i) analysis of electronic and magnetic properties of border phases of solid-state systems (magnetization dynamics, electron-phonon coupling, and dynamics of coherent phonons) and (ii) time-resolved vibration spectroscopy (SFG) of molecules in border phases.
  • Femtochemistry involving surfaces and reaction control using intense fs laser pulses on molecules adsorbed on single-crystal surfaces and metallic nanoparticles.
  • Time-resolved THz spectroscopy for analysis of low-energy electronic excitations in organic and inorganic solid-state bodies.