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Lecture and Tutorial Biophysics of Metalloenzymes

Die Vorlesung findet im SS2024 nicht statt!!!

WS2023/24 (20105701, 20105702) (updated 15.10.2023)

(see also the University Calendar / Vorlesungsverzeichnis for contents)

  Type   Lecture and Tutorial (Vorlesung und Übung)
  Docent      Priv.-Doz. Dr. Michael Haumann

  Time: Lecture Fr 10:15-12:15 (first date: ***)

  Time: Tutorial Fr 12:15-13:45 (first date ***)


  ***, seminar room ***, Physics building


The information above is preliminary and may be changed during the semester (e.g. if the corona situation changes). Please come back to check for updates regularly.

PD Dr. Michael  Haumann