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Lecture and Tutorial Biophysics of Metalloenzymes

SS2021 (20105701, 20105702) (updated 07.04.2021)

(see also the University Calendar / Vorlesungsverzeichnis for contents)

  Type   Lecture and Tutorial (Vorlesung und Übung)
  Docent      Priv.-Doz. Dr. Michael Haumann

  Time: Lecture Fr 10:15-11:45 (first date: 16.04.2021)

  Time: Tutorial Fr 12:15-13:00 (first date will be announced)

Because of Corona, the SS2021 at the Freie Universität Berlin will take place from 12. April on again mostly without presence events. This lecture and tutorial will proceed with online tools. You can find further information below.

If you want to participate in the course, please sign in at the Campus Management System (CMS) der FU-Berlin including your E-mail address. This enables to communicate with you on short note to send infos. If you are not enrolled at FU-Berlin, but want to participate, please send me an Email directly.

You may also contact me per Email during the semester if you have questions. (michael.haumann(at)fu-berlin.de)


At the regular dates of the lecture (i.e. Fr. 10.15, first time 16.04.2021) we will have a video conference. For this, I want to use the WEBEX platform, as supported by the FUB. See Webex information on the FUB pages and in the Portal of ZEDAT.

Prior to the Lecture, I will send the meeting number and password for the meetings per Email to you. You may then join the conference by entering the meeting number and password.

On the first date (Fr. 16. April, 10.15) I will give further information on the proceedings and an overview on the topics of the course. On the following dates, I will hold the lecture life and show the slides via "shared desktop" (how this is done will be specified later). The course will be held in English (except perhaps if there are no non-German participants).

Materials for the lectures and tutorials:

The slides and further material for the lectures and tutorials are provided to you by Email.


The practical part of the course will include video conferences and remote laboratory tours (depending on when we are allowed to enter the FUB facilities). Details will be communicated later.

Rules on procedures of online events, data protection, and online safety:

Please read the rules of the FU-Berlin by following the link below prior to the start of the event!

Online Code of Conduct


The information above is preliminary and may be changed during the semester (e.g. if technical facilities changed). Please come back to check for updates regularly.

PD Dr. Michael  Haumann