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Authors   Title / Download
Kollquium SS 09    
Kuch, Wolfgang   X-ray absorption spectroscopy of magnetic systems
Weick, Guillaume   Quantum transport: from quantum dots to molecules
Kollquium WS 07/08    
Pascual, Jose Ignacio   Introduction to Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
Saalfrank, Peter   Electronic structure theory from first principles: WFT vs. DFT
Elsäßer, Thomas   Tip-enhanced spectroscopy and electron generation
Weinelt, Martin   Introduction to core-level spectroscopy
Workshop SS 07    
Martin, Wolf
(Sprecher Sfb 658)
  International Workshop on Molecular Switches at Surface (Zeuthen b. Berlin, 23. - 26.9.2007) - Book of Abstracts -
Kollquium WS 06/07    
Rabe, Jürgen P.   Tunnel-Mikroskopie und -Spektroskopie an Fest-Flüssig Grenzflächen
Grill, L   Statusreport der Arbeitskreise: „Azobenzol"
Grohmann, A.   Spin-Crossover-Verbindungen
Fölsch, S   Funktionale Moleküle auf Siliziumoberflächen
Kuch, W   Photoelectron emission microscopy: Facts and fiction
Kollquium SS 06    
Castro, Alberto   A Primer in Density Functional Theory
Moresco, Francesca
Fölsch, Stefan
  STM-based atom/molecule manipulation and dI/dV spectroscopy
Fölsch, Stefan   STM-based dI/dV Spectroscopy
Fumagalli, Paul   Ellipsometry: a tool to study a single-molecule induced anisotropy?
Wolf, Martin   Part II: Introduction to Two-Photon Photoemission (2PPE) Spectroscopy

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