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The women's representative aims to obtain a status of equality for women at the Physics department and to defend the female employees at the department as well as female candidates from discrimination. She controls the realization of the women's advancement plan and supports female members of the department facing problems for example in conflict situations .

All inquiries will be treated absolutely confidentially.

Gender-Sensitive Language

The guide for gender-sensitive language, published by the central women's representatives of the Freien Universität gives concrete examples for a gender sensitive use of language an images and can be used to inspect texts.

Here you can find a Flyer, informing about gender-sensitive use of language.

Sexualized discrimination and violence

Here you find a Flyer that points out possibilities for action against sexualized discrimination and violence. Additionally, there are the Guidelines for dealing with sexualized discrimination and violence at the Freien Universität Berlin.
If you are facing sexual harassment (verbal or nonverbal) you should directly contact the women's representative of the department or the central women's representative's (office agains sexual harassment at the FU Berlin).

The help file "Violence against women" is an important contact point for people in need. The consultants are available 365 days a year and around the clock via the free phone number: 08000 116 016. The consultations are carried out anonymously on request.

Conflict management in the workplace

In the case of conflicts at the workplace, the persons concerned have the opportunity to contact the management, the staff council or the women's representative.

Stress and crisis situations during your studies

In the case of study-specific problems such as concentration, writing blockade and test anxiety, the Central Psychological Service of the FU Berlin and the Studentenwerk provide free consultations.

Organization of your studies

If you have any questions about the organization of the study, please visit the webpage of the study consultation where you can find a complete list of the responsible consultants and offices.

Financing of your studies

A complete list off all financing strategies can be found at social consulting of the Studentenwerkes.

Study and doctorate measures

The central study advice of the FU Berlin offers a variety of courses concerning the following subjects: Time Management, Efficient Reading, Overcoming Presentation Anxiety, Passing Exmans etc., as well as ajour-fixe: Coaching for Exams and Doctorates an.