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Women's Representative

Dr. Beate Schattat, Women's Representative

Sylvia Theodos, Women's Representative Deputy

Arnimallee 14
Building Physics Department
Room 0.2.22
14195 Berlin

Office hours

on request

Equality Who? What? Where?

The women’s advancement plan of the physics department supports the realization of the Berlin’s regional equality act as well as the women’s advancement guidelines of the Freie Universität Berlin.
The women’s advancement plan’s aims to realize equality of genders at the department. Hence an increase of the women’s representation is intended in areas where women are underrepresented.

The terms for study, work as well as for professional development of women at the department should be advanced. In addition the potential of teaching and researching should be broaden through the increased participation of women.

Duties and responsibilities of the women’s representative

The women’s representative works towards the equality of women at the department as well as the avoidance of discrimination against female members of the university and female applicants. She monitors the realization of the women’s advancement plan.

The office of the women’s representative is an electoral office which is exercised by a woman of the physics department of the Freie Universität  Berlin for two years. The women’s representative acts consultative on every committee at the department.