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Gender Equality Officer

We strive to make female physics talents to be successful and happy at our department.

Beate Schattat

Beate Schattat

The Gender Equality Officer works towards equality and for the better working and studying conditions of women. She monitors the realization of the women’s advancement plan. Besides, she works against the discrimination of female members of the university and female applicants.

The women’s representative is elected every two years from the female members of our department. She participates on every committee at the department and acts consultative.

Current Officers

Dr. Beate Schattat, Decentralized Women's and Gender Equality Officer

Sylvia Theodos, Deputy Decentralized Women's and Gender Equality Officer

Michele Boick, employee in the Decentralized Women's and Gender Equality Officer


  • 8 female professors
  • 35% female students

Women's Advancement Plan 2022 - 2024 (in German)


Fully confidentially

You are in trouble or experience discrimination? You just want to share a project idea to attract more women to our department? Please write to me - we will meet to discuss your troubles or suggestions.


News, Dates & Announcements


Women Support Hotline

365 days a year, 24 hours a day, for free

Psychological Counseling

Individual and confidential counseling.
Make an appointment via psychologische-beratung@fu-berlin.de.