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Women's Advancement

Women's Advancement Funds and Further Education

The deparment provides women's advancement funds for infrastructure and individual advancement. All information about it can be found at Granting procedure for women’s advancement funds at FU Berlin.
Applications can be sent to the women's representative at any time. According to the number of applications, the commission gets together timely to decide about them.
An overview of the areas supported in 2017 can be found in the summary of expenditure from funding for women in the financial year 2017.

The member of the women's commission currently are:

  • Beate Schattat (Women's Representative)
  • Sylvia Theodos (Women's Representative Deputy)
  • Hélène Colinet
  • Martina Erlemann
  • Elke Müller
  • Stephanie Russ
  • Jadwiga Wilkens

Scholarship database

Here you can find the Federal Ministry of Education and Research's database for scholarshipd. Some of them especially concern women and single parents.