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Cafeteria am Fachbereich Physik

Cafeteria am Fachbereich Physik

Cafeteria am Fachbereich Physik

Cafeteria am Fachbereich Physik

Room 1.1.25 in Arnimallee 14

Quiet Oasis for Physisists: A Room for Relaxation or Social Gatherings

We have created a space where we can all relax from everyday university life and recharge our batteries. Whether it's having a relaxed chat with other people or leaning back comfortably on the sofa - everyone who studies or works at the Department of Physics should feel comfortable, happy and full of energy here.

For all members of the department

Our cafeteria is open to everyone in the Department of Physics: students, academic staff, professors and employees.

Opening hours: from 8 am to 7 pm

For work, relaxation and interaction

Our cafeteria can be used flexibly for:

  • meetings in a relaxed atmosphere
  • group work
  • workshops and training courses
  • events and celebrations for up to 80 people
  • joint lunch or coffee breaks
  • relaxation and moments of peace and quiet

If you would like to reserve the room for an event, please contact Sylvia Theodos.


  • tables and chairs
  • 3 bar tables
  • classic tables
  • screen
  • projector table
  • mini kitchen incl. dishwasher
  • drinks machine (change required)
  • seating area for approx. 10 people

Further equipment

  •  Dishes and kitchen utensils (The key can be picked up from Ms. Sylvia Theodos in room 1.1.19).

Feel at home

We invite all members of the department to feel at home in the cafeteria and in the faculty in general. We kindly ask you to behave responsibly so that the rooms remain inviting, comfortable and clean.