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Working instructions / operating instructions

Working instructions for chemical and biological substances as well as for electric equipment and installations have to be updated every year.

Biological substance

Chemical substance

  • flammable solvents
  • oxidizing substances
  • caustic substances
  • environmental harmful substances
  • cryogenic liquids and gases
  • toxic substances
  • health hazard substances (carcinogen, mutagen, toxic to reproduction)

Single instructions of hazardous substances can be bundled to one instruction of a group of substances. However, toxic and health hazard substances require individual instructions due to their different routes of exposure.

Electric equipment and installations:

  • group instructions for electric equipment and installations
  • individual working instructions for e.g. centrifuge, laser and autoclave
  • compressed gas cylinders and pressure regulator

Protective action:

  • protective gloves
  • disinfectants


Templates for working instructions can be download from the DAS (Dienststelle Arbeitssicherheit) homepage.