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How can I add a computer to the network / move a computer to another room?

New machines are installed by us and then handed to the groups. For machines that we cannot install, e.g. because they have been delivered by the maker of an instrument, you need to tell us their MAC address and hostname.

Machines can be hooked into any network port, but will usually only work, after we switch the port to the correct network, because Linux, Windows and Laboratory machines are on different networks. To do this we need the network socket's identifier, which you can read off of the socket. The identifiers have the form 1.2.34/1-1, where everything before the slash is the room number, the number directly after the slash is the number of the network socket and the last number is the number of the port. The port number will be 1 or 2 and, if it is not labeled, 1 is left. If the socket number is missing, which can be the case for older sockets, it will be 1 as well.