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How much storage do I have and where can I put files?

There are multiple places where you can store files. There are your Profile (e.g. Desktop, Downloads, Documents,...), your home directory, H:, and ("storage") S:.

The quota for the Profile is 3GB for everybody. The quota for home is 2GB for students and 20GB for everyone else. Storage has a quota of 100GB for students and 500GB for everyone else.

The quota for the Profile is so small, because the profile is synced to every machine you log into and back to the profile server once you log out. This low maximum size makes sure, that you can log into and out off machines without having to get a coffee each time.

Group members can also put data into grouphome ("grouphome")V:. This is meant for data that is relevant to the whole group, in contrast to the former places that are meant for personal data.