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Gitlab Maintenance

We have updated our Gitlab instance. Read on for more information.

News from May 26, 2020

Today (26.05.2020) we will shut the Gitlab server down for maintenance starting 8 p.m. The server will be available again in the morning.

Update: We have migrated our Gitlab instance to a new host and upgraded to the current Gitlab version 13.0 (from 12.9). Have a look at the changes of 12.10 and 13.0 for a detailed list of changes. Among the highlights are versioned snippets (known as Gists from Github). 

We will shortly start working on offering some runners for CI, so that you don't have to set them up yourselves.

Since we have moved the instance to a new host you will have to update your SSH known_hosts. If you find any other problem write to git@physik.fu-berlin.de.

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