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Matrix Update (Spaces are here!)

Tonight at 23:15 we will update our Matrix server to the newest release. Afterwards you will be able to use the new "spaces" feature, read on if you want to know more.

News from Jun 02, 2021

Spaces are a new way to organise your rooms and direct conversations by topic. You can make public and private, even just for yourself, and sort your rooms and conversations into them so that only the things you sorted into a space are shown when click on the specific space and all your other rooms and conversations are hidden. Perfect to switch between different projects you are working on.

They are currently only opt in, but we will make them the default soon. To opt in just follow the instructions in your client. In our web client this is via the plus button at the bottom of the sidebar on the left.

Have a look at our documentation for all the details.

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