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New Hosts for Remote Linux Desktop

We are upgrading login.physik.fu-berlin.de on Wednesday at 1.p.m. and making it an SSH-only host. vdesk01.physik.fu-berlin.de and vdesk02.physik.fu-berlin.de are standing ready now as new Linux remote desktop hosts for usage with X2go

News from Sep 28, 2021

login will be upgraded on Wednesday 1 p.m., please close your open sessions by then, as we will kill all running sessions then.

Since vdesk01 and vdesk02 are running a newer version of Debian, you might run into issues when trying to use Gnome or KDE on them. Gnome has basically discontinued using X for its userinterface, which makes it incompatible with X2go. You can continue using KDE, but you may need to change your choice of Session type in your x2goclient to Custom desktop and set /usr/bin/startplasma-x11 as the command, depending on the version of x2goclient you are using. We recommend using Xfce or Mate when using X2go.

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