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GitLab Outage

The problem has been resolved.

News from Aug 21, 2023

Initial news (16:15):

Our GitLab instance is experiencing an outage due to its storage running full. We have taken the system offline to resolve the issue.

We are currently copying the data over, which is targetted to be finished by 23:00.

Update (19:45): We are currently preparing the fix. We plan to commence applying it shortly after midnight.

Update (22.08.2023, 01:00): We have resolved the problem by increasing the size of the storage for GitLab. The problem was due to automatically generated snapshots filling up the disk. Due to an abundance of caution of not wanting to resize it while online and in case of problems having to recreate older data, we first made a full copy of the current version.

If you experience any issues, please write us a mail zedv@physik.fu-berlin.de or in our Matrix room.

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