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Matrix IM and Jitsi for videoconferencing

Our Matrix and Jitsi servers are now ready for productive usage.

News from Mar 31, 2020

Our matrix server, with the web client at meet.physik.fu-berlin.de, and our Jitsi server at jitsi.physik.fu-berlin.de are now ready for productive usage for all department members after having been tested for the past two weeks by a few of our users.

Matrix is an alternative to Slack and Jitsi is a videoconferencing system. You can log into the Matrix with your usual ZEDAT account and Jitsi doesn't need an account.

We are currently working on providing documentation, but you can find the initial documentation for Matrix here and for Jitsi here.

If you have problems or suggestions for the documentation, please write an email to zedv@physik.fu-berlin.de or contact us at #zedv_support on our Matrix instance.

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