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Information for Incoming Students

Incoming Student

Incoming Student
Image Credit: Matthew T. Rader @Unsplash

Welcome to all international students of physics!

We are happy you joined our academic community to get deeper insights into modern theoretical and experimental physics. You are welcome to attend all lectures, seminars and lab courses at the Department of Physics of the Freie Universität Berlin.

Bachelor courses are held in German, Master courses in English.

Course Catalog

Modules in Bachelor's and Master's Program in Physics

All the details about different physics modules such as ECTS credit points for each course you can find in the "Study and Examination Regulations".

Study Regulations for Bachelor's

Study Regulations for Master's

Course Registration

All students have to register for courses and exams digitally in the "Campus Management".

Campus Management

General information for international students

Every year, Freie Universität welcomes exchange students from around the globe. Please check the university's central pages to find out what services university provides and where to get help for a good start.

Incoming Student Mobility

Getting started

Orientation Days

Office Hours

Transcript of Records

Before you return home, please contact Cornelius Gahl for a Transcript of Records which documents the courses you have successfully completed, obtained ECTS credits and grades.Therefore, please hand in the form "Request for Transcript of Records" together with your "Leistungsscheine" or print-out of Campus Management.

Help & Support

If you need any help or advice, please contact Dr. Cornelius Gahl.


Dr. Cornelius Gahl
Freie Universität Berlin
Arnimallee 14 (room-no.: 0.4.14)
14195 Berlin/Germany
Email: c.gahl@fu-berlin.de
phone: +49-30-838 56065
fax: +49-30-838 4 56065


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