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Get in touch

Usually, you will find somebody from our group relaxing in the CaféXX (Room 0.3.02). Should this not be the case not the case, there are other ways of getting in touch with us.



If you are interested in the FSI's work, you can subscribe here for the mailing list (as long as you are enrolled as a Physics student at the FU Berlin).

Postal Address

Fachschaftsinitiative Physik
Freie Universität Berlin
Arnimallee 14, Room 0.3.04
14195 Berlin, Germany


In urgent cases you might take a look at the FSI channel #FUB

Specific contacts

  • Larissa Boie (departmental council, exchange programmes)
  • Markus Gleich (departmental council, education committee, examination committee, academic senate)
  • Jenny Hartfiel (departmental council, education committee)
  • Leveke Holler (education committee)
  • Kevin Decker (examination committee)

We also have a blackboard outside the CaféXX with the names of the students representatives and other useful information - take a look.