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Advanced Laboratory Course for Master Students - Summer Semester 2024


TypeLab Course
InstructorProf. Dr. Kirill Bolotin
StartApr 23, 2024 | 02:15 PM

Welcome to the Advanced Laboratory Course for Master Students, Summer 2024 edition! The goal of the class is to learn the basics of modern experimental physics.  You will be working in a group with one or two other students. During the class, each group will carry out 7 experiments from different fields of physics. Each experiment will be supervised by a tutor. Tutors help with carrying our experiments and grade experimental reports completed after the experiment. In addition to reports, each group will deliver one seminar-style talk about their experiment to the entire class. Please enjoy the class and be safe!

Prerequisites: This class is hard! (yes, really) You should only take it if you took a similar class on a Bachelor's level. You should have experience with long-form scientific writing -- you will have to submit 7 lab reports, each report 10–15 pages long. You need experience in the areas of Quantum Mechanics, Solid State Physics, and Statistical Physics (many experiments require a background in these subjects). Finally, you have to understand the basics of data analysis, such as error propagation, confidence intervals, fitting, etc... If you DO NOT have these prerequisites -- please do not take this class. Instead, register for "Preparatory Course to the Advanced Master Laboratory". This class is designed to give you this background and to prepare you for the Advanced Labs class next semester.

Time/Venue: Experiments (Wednesdays, starting at 10:00, at the location of the experiments listed below. Experiments start from May 1st) + Seminars (Tuesdays 14:15-16:00, 1.3.14, Hörsaal A. First meeting April 23rd). 


0. The class takes place in the presence form only (we do experiments!)

1. To participate in the class, you must register for the course on Campus Management. In addition, you should enter the class on Blackboard and fill out a quick survey there. There, you will let me know your preferred group partner and experiments as well. Please do this before April 23, 2024. 

2. Based on this information, I will create a list of groups and an experiment schedule (which will be posted online end of October). 

3. There will be no seminars/lectures during the first week of classes (the week of April 16). Our first meeting will be during the seminar on Monday, April 23, 14:15-16:00 (in 1.3.14, Hörsaal A). During this meeting, we will talk about class structure. There will also be a lecture on Laboratory Safety. Note: you cannot take the class without attending this lecture!

4. The next two seminars will be Scientific Integrity (April 30,  mandatory!) and Data Analysis (May 7).

5. After that, two different groups will hold talks about their experiments during the seminar slot. 

6. The first experiments will start on May 8th. Remember: you have to contact your tutors in advance (contacts in the schedule Excel file [to be posted]) and send them a quick write-up and make a preliminary discussion before the experiment. Also, you have to show up promptly for the experiment. 

Note: If you do not participate in the laboratory-safety lecture and in the lecture on scientific integrity, you cannot attend the course! So please DO make sure that you come and attend both lectures! Note: The tutors are instructed to test your knowledge of the experimental setup and other prerequisites before the experiment. If unprepared, you will NOT be allowed to take the experiment.  So please DO make sure that you prepare well for each experiment!


Prof. Dr. Kirill Bolotin

Best contact: email (kirill.bolotin@fu-berlin.de). You could also stop by my office (1.2.37).



Experiments during the semester






Low Energy Electron Diffraction on Surfaces (LEED)



Pulsed Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)



Photoelectron spectroscopy (PES) 



Dynamical processes in lipid membranes



Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)



Raman Scattering [*]



Superconductivity [*]



Photoluminescence [*]



Auger Spectroscopy



Magnetooptic Kerr Effect and magnetic anisotropies (MOKE)


Ma14 Solid-state laser principles 0.1.29
Ma15 Electron Paramagnetic Resonance 0.4.07
Ma16 Femtosecond laser spectroscopy of coherent phonons [*] FHI
Ma17 Formation of protein self-assembled monolayer monitored by Quartz Crystal Microbalance 0.1.16
Ma22 Electron transport in two-dimensional materials [*] 0.2.06

[*] Experiments marked with a star use the equipment in acting labs. Because of that, these experiments are done during the first two weeks of the semester break.


Schedule, list of groups, list of tutors.

Course rules, regulations and advice (Read it please!)

The description and manuals for all of the experiments (use your zedat password/login to access)


Final grading -- to be signed by tutors when experiments are completed


(c) midjourney, "a student doing dangerous experiments with lasers"