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How can I present projects?

For presenting an overview of various workgroups or projects, the "Vorgestellt-Box" is the appropriate template.

You will find detailed instructions on the CeDiS documentation pages, however the information is in German only. Therefore we provide here some basic instructions in English. If you need more detailed guidance please contact the keyuser.
Presentation boxes can be created in startpages with flexible layout or as a right-side box on standard startpages. Our description refers to standard startpages.


  1. The Vorgestellt-Box must be linked to an "Aufmacher-Liste", holding a slideshow. So it is best to set up the Aufmacher-Liste and the Aufmacher-docs with the pictures first. Please see our FAQ on slideshows.
  2. Then need to create a container for the Vorgestellt-Box. You must use the template "Ordner für Inhaltselemente", either you create a new folder as subfolder of your startpage or you use an existing folder that you have already in use for your right-column text-box.
  3. Within this folder, which is typically called box in all language versions, you create a Vorgestellt-Box document (!).
    For this document you need to set the column width (1 or 2 columns). Presentation boxes in the right column of a standard startpage can only have 1 column. This document must be linked to the slideshow folder and you must also decide in which order the "Aufmacher" should be presented. We recommend to use option 3 as this seems to function best.
  4. You must then adjust the Erscheinungsbild-setting of your startpage folder so as to make the box visible in the right-side column. You must add the path to the Vorgestellt-Box (not the parent folder !) to the right-side boxes list.


Please have a look at the