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Our teaching covers the research areas of Gender Studies in STEM and Science & Technology Studies. The courses have a focus on topics related to the physical sciences. They are directed to physics students but are also open to students from other fields of study. 

We offer courses for Bachelor students and Master students. 

For Bachelor students we offer seminars on different research topics from the field of Gender & Science Studies in STEM with a focus on physics. Among them are seminars on research on women physicists in historical and contemporary contexts, on research on the cultures of physics or on human-machine-interaction in a Gender Studies perspective. The seminars for Bachelors are held in German.

For Master students we offer lecture courses that introduce into the fields of Gender Studies in STEM and Science and Technology Studies (module History of Physics). Based on the introductory courses, we have seminars that address more advanced topics related to physics, among them seminars on Gender Studies of physics and feminist epistemologies, on Science & Society Studies and on Artificial Intelligence from a Gender Studies perspective. The courses for Master students are regularly held in English.

For advanced students we have a research seminar where work-in-progress of own research projects can be presented and discussed through peer-feedback.

Due to formal reasons it is not possible at the moment to do a Master thesis on a topic in the field of Gender & Science Studies in Physics.

If you are interested in doing your bachelor thesis in this field you should have attended at least one seminar on Gender & Science Studies in Physicsduring your Bachelor studies. You can select a topic along your own interests. It should be related to the research field of Gender & Science Studies in Physics. If you are interested in doing your Bachelor thesis in our group you can contact me and we will design a topic that meets your interests and is feasible in the allotted time.

More details on the courses can be found:

Current courses: here.