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Dr. Kenichi Ataka secures funding for collaboration with Kyoto University

Funding for a joint research project with Kyoto University, Japan, has been officially approved. The funding comes from the "Global Frontier and Interdisciplinary Research Core for Deepening Investigations and Promoting Collaboration in Chemistry-oriented Fields" project, administered by the Institute for Chemical Research (ICR) at Kyoto University.

The funds will be used to promote research collaboration with Professor Takeshi Hasegawa and his team. Professor Hasegawa is known for his advocacy of the Stratified Dipole Array (SDA) model, which provides insight into the mesoscopic nature of perfluorinated compounds. This model aptly explains our spectroscopic observations derived from fluorinated self-assembled monolayers, an important aspect of our contributions to the SFB project entitled 'CRC1349 Fluorine-Specific Interactions: Fundamentals and Applications'.

Through this collaboration, we expect a deeper understanding of our research results and their implications.

News from Apr 02, 2024

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